Unusual solutions for your challenges

The solutions to your challenges and problems are not always located within your organisation, but they do exist. We can show you how to benefit from the collective knowledge of our Open Innovation Community and achieve meaningful results – quickly and easily.

Open Innovation Salzburg makes implementing crowdsourcing as a method easy. Our idea platform provides a structure, process and framework for managing projects from start to finish. Take your company to the next level with us as your crowdsourcing partner. You benefit from the independent “outside view”, gain knowledge about customer needs and potential markets and can identify new trends. With the community, you work together on the future!

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Change your innovation strategy

Breaking old rules
We have already organised crowdsourcing competitions in the fields of tourism, mobility, the forestry industry, circular economy, urban and regional development. Our growing community has already helped our clients solve various challenges and problems with over 800 ideas submitted. You too can use the power of the community and explore new pathways.

Different perspectives and expertise
Reach out to our growing and diverse innovator community of stakeholders. Our community strives to provide ideas on problems and challenges that are brought to them in the ideas competitions.

Receive idea suggestions easily and at no risk
The rights of use and exploitation of the nominated ideas and solution proposals from your idea competition can legally be used by the organising company. This is ensured by the general data protection declaration which is confirmed by the community members when they register on the ideas platform.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us. info@openinnovation-salzburg.at We look forward to hearing from you!